Erotic Destinations is a nude art project by the photographer Martin Krake. Between 2001 and 2011 he made 25 journeys with 63 models to dreamlike destinations, such as the Canary Islands, Sardinia, Provence, Corsica, and Dalmatia. He staged his wonderful girls in settings like cool waterfalls, in dense forests and forgotten ruins, and, of course, at lonely beaches under southern sun.

During this time, 476 photo sets with nearly 26.000 pictures were made, as well as 407 video clips with a total time of about 38 hours - a unique collection of exclusive outdoor nude photography and videography!

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Corsica 2010, day 3: We set up base camp on one of the huge blocks of stone scattered around the bottom of the stream. First we enjoy a little picnic with baguettes, cheese and ham, before continuing...   read more

Dalmatia 2009, day 3: This river is a popular site for rafting tours, and quite often excited groups of tourists in huge rubber boats come into sight very suddenly. They seem to regard us as...   read more

Southern Alps 2009, day 1: The road is blocked and nothing is moving. Shit! While I wrack my brains for Plan B, my Czech friends kill time with a fun shooting between the trucks and...   read more

Provence 2009, day 3: It is already late in the afternoon by the time we arrive. But today conditions here are so good that it has definitely been worthwhile: I am able to position Betty and Anna perfectly in...  read more

Canary Islands 2008, day 3: The tide has left small tidal pools with tiny fish swimming around. Nicola enjoys herself immensely trying to grab hold of the little, fastmoving creatures, even though they're...   read more

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